Prices are with qualifying residential telephone service. Call for Business Rates!

  4 Mbps (512k upstream)


Without Phone Service:$64.95

8 Mbps (768k upstream)


Without Phone Service: $84.95

12 Mbps (1 Mbps upstream)


Without Phone Service: $129.95


High Speed Internet


With High Speed Internet service from Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Company, the web is just a click away.  No busy signals or missed calls.  All packages include up to 5 email accounts and free 24/7 tech support. 


Computer Networking


Multiple computers may be networked together, sharing one Internet connection.  Wired or wireless networking is available.  Labor and material charges apply.


24/7 Tech Support: 800-205-1110




Set-up Fees

With Phone Service: $50.00

Without Phone Service:  $100.00

Set-up fee includes basic wiring to one computer or router on main floor of residence.  Additional charges may apply. 

All accounts require a 6-month minimum contract. An “Early Cancellation Fee” will be assessed if the term length of the contract has not been met. The “Early Cancellation Fee” will be the remaining balance on a contract. Early cancellation will be permitted if you move outside of our service area.


Want to Sign-up?

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