• Pricing

    Local Telephone


    Residential Access Line


    Business Access Line

        Federal Sub Line Charges

    • Residential:                $6.50
    • Business Single Line:    $6.50
    • Business Multi Line:      $9.20




        E911 Surcharges

    • Clinton County:    $1.00
    • Jackson County:   $1.00
    • Jones County:      $1.00
    • Cedar County:      $1.00

    Link Long Distance


    Toll Free Service

    • No Monthly Fee
    • Pro-rated-6 second increments
    • One Bill, One Rate, One Company
    • Local Customer Service
    • $3.00 monthly fee
    • Includes 20 minutes
    • 15¢/min after first 20 min.
    • No sign up fees or contract
    • Tailored call blocking available

    Local Customer Service...
    One Convenient Bill...
    State-Of-The-Art Fiber Optic and Digital Switched Network...


    Meeting the needs of our customers with advanced technology and  excellent customer service.

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    Optional Services

    Features & Services 

           Maintenance-Whole House Coverage              

    This plan provides coverage for all telephone, Internet and IPTV wiring within your home, as well as extending coverage to digital set-top-boxes and ethernet switches originally installed by LNE Communications.

    Note: This coverage does not extend to any customer owned Ethernet devices, such as network interface cards, wireless access points, switches, routers, or gaming consoles.     


          Long Distance Restrictions:

            •  900 Block

            •  3rd Party Block

            •  Collect Block

            •  Toll Denial - Allows only local calls




    Voice Mail: Free

    Caller ID: $2.50/month

    Call Waiting:  $1.50/month

    Call Forwarding: $1.50/month

    Terminating Call Manager: $1.50/month

    Toll Denial: $1.50/month    

    - Additional Features Available -